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Dr. Maria Montessori, along with her son, Mr. Mario Montessori arrived in India just before the outbreak of World War II. She conducted several Montessori Training Courses - first at Madras and subsequently at Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, Karachi in Pakistan, Pune in Maharashtra and Ahmedabad in Gujarat. She also conducted an Advanced Training Course at Kodaikanal - Tamilnadu, India.

After the War, Dr.Maria Montessori returned to Europe, leaving in India as her Personal Representative - Mr. A M Joosten, as Director, AMI Training Courses and as Representative of the Association Montessori Internationale, The Netherlands.

Incidentally, in the year 1950 - Kira Banasinska, the Founder of Kaybee, and her husband Dr.Eugene Banasinski, who was the First Polish Consul General to India, had embarked upon a new venture, manufacturing toys! Later on, with the growing need for Montessori materials, Kira started producing Montessori Equipment in 1953 under the guidance and Licence of the AMI, which has been mutually enjoyed for over four decades.

The year 1973 marked the beginning of a Partnership between Mdme Kira Banasinska and Mr.R.Sequeira. The boundless zeal and dynamism which they exuded, has caused it to flourish and produce Montessori Apparatus and other Educational Aids that are renowned the world over!

Celebrating its Golden Jubilee in the year 2003 Kaybee has always remained committed to the cause of aiding the 'Universal Child' not only by its production of a vast range of Montessori Materials/Apparatus and Pre-Primary/Kindergarten Teaching Aids both for the normal children and for the blind, physically handicapped, mentally challenged persons; but also by its ardent efforts in rehabilitating the mentally challenged who are referred to us by the National Institute Of Mentally Handicapped, Hyderabad.

"Today, those things which occupy us in the field of education, are the interests of humanity at large and of civilization, before such great forces we can recognize only one country - The Entire World"!
                                                      - Dr.Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method

Kaybee Materials are used not merely as tools for learning but as a means of realization of the unique needs of each individual child. In this way, we keep alive the principles and practices of education as envisaged by Dr.Maria Montessori herself, the greatest educator of her times!

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